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published stories

The following is a list of my published sf/fantasy stories.
The Building Parachute. Ballista 2 (April 2007)
The History Eaters. The Labyrinth Inhabitant 2 (Spring 2008)
The Point of Oswald Masters. Nemonymous 8: Cone Zero , edited by Des Lewis (July 2008)
(nominated for a British Fantasy Award)
John Comes Back.  On The Premises 7 (March 2009)
(first prize winner)
Protect and Survive.  Ballista 6 (Spring 2009)
The Problem Child.  Genomics Forum (June 2009)
(competition runner-up)
A Hissing Sound.  Alternative Coordinates 2 (summer 2009)
Bad Blood.  Fusion Fragment 10 (summer 2009)
The End of the World: A User’s Guide.  Emerald Tales (SF Special) 1(August 2009)
Incubus, Succubus.  Like Twin Stars edited by Cecilia Tan and Kelly Clark (2009)
Seven Hours.  Emerald Tales 3 (December 2009)
A Change in the Weather.  Emerald Tales: Copper Wire (April 2010)
The Haunting of Joselyn Seacroft.  On The Premises 11 (July 2010)
(second prize winner)
My Two Faces.  Fusion Fragment 15 (spring 2011)
A Brick Wall.  On The Premises 13 (March 2011)
Supervision Day.  Strange Weird and Wonderful (spring 2011)
The Colour of Nothing.  parABnormal digest 1 (March 2011)
The Little VoiceElectric Spec vol 6 no 4 (November 30 2011)
My Heart Beats Backwards.  Like the Hand of Time edited by Bethany Zaiatz, Circlet Press (2012)
   Nobilis Reed podcast 20 February 2021
What the Meteor MeantOrigins: Colliding Causalities edited by Juliana Rew, Third Flatiron (2012)
Aplut.  On The Premises 19 (March 2013)
The Woman From Aldgate West.  Sex in London edited by Elizabeth Coldwell (2013)
Eurydice in Capricorn.  Redshifted: Martian Stories edited by Juliana Rew, Third Flatiron (2014)
The Mistake Bureau.  The First Line vol 16 no 2 (summer 2014)
Curse Marks.  Like A Mystery Uncovered: Erotic Detective Stories edited by Nikola Klaus, Circlet Press (Jan 2015)
A Rock in the Air.  The Time It Happened edited by Juliana Rew, Third Flatiron (Mar 2015)
     Tall Tale TV 25 February 2022
The Voice Harvester.  The First Line vol 17 no 1 (Mar 2015)
A Language of Regret.  On The Premises 25 (April 2015).  Third prize winner.
Strain Your Brain!  4 Star Stories 15 (Summer 2015).
A Visitor from the Independent Republic of Scotland. The First Line Spring 2016.
The Mytilenian DelayHyperpowers edited by Bascombe James, Third Flatiron (summer 2016). (Shorlisted for a WSFA Small Press Award)
Literary Walks: The Cartographer by Martin Croft. You Are Here: Tales of Cartographic Wonders edited by N E White (November 2016).
The Longing. The First Line vol 19 no 2 (summer 2017).
The Losers’ Crusade. Cat’s Breakfast, Third Flatiron (summer 2017).
The Day the Mirror Told the TruthA Beastly Affair edited by J Blackmore (December 2017), Circlet Press.
Vixerunt. Electric Athenaeum (4 May 2018).
Damnatio Memoriae. The First Line vol 20 no 2 (summer 2018).
New Heaven, New Earth. Galileo’s Theme Park, edited by Juliana Rew, Third Flatiron (summer 2018).
The Reference Library. The Passage of Time, Colp (July 2018).
A Song of Sorrow. The Future Fire: Making Monsters edited by Djibril Al-Ayad and Emma Bridges (September 2018).
The Slow Bomb. Strange Economics edited by David F Schultz (September 2018).
There Is a Beauty in this Condition. Electric Spec (August 2018).
I Could Not Sleep For Thinking of the Sky. Sky’s the Limit, Colp (September 2018).
Conrad’s Heartbeat. A Little Bit of Nonsense, Colp (January 2019).
The Airs of Mars. Terra Two: An Ark for Off-World Survival (March 2019).
Four Ghosts of Martin Croft. Beyond the Walls: New Writing from York St John University 2019 edited by York Centre for Writing (May 2019)
Touch the Earth. I Didn’t Break the Lamp, Mad Scientist Journal (September 2019).
Euler’s Equation. SciPhi Journal 20 December 2019.
One Survivor. Crash Code, Blood Bound Books (2020).
Nothing Is Ugly Until You Look at It. Amongst Friends (Gypsum Sound Tales), March 2020.
A Bead on God’s Abacus. Terra Two: An Ark for Off-World Survival (June 2020).
War’s End. Gotta Wear Eclipse Glasses, Third Flatiron (Summer 2020).
Warpaint. Beyond the Walls: New Writing from York St John University 2020 edited by York Center for Writing (June 2020)
A Relic of Millia Maslowa. Treasure, Colp (September 2020).
Mozart’s Earworm. The First Line (Winter 2020).
Enzymes. Trembling With Fear (Christmas 2020).
Collection. The York Journal 1 (May 2021).
As Beautiful Things Always Do. York Literary Review (Summer 2021).
Dampening. After Dinner Conversation (May 2022).
The Tiniest of Vibrations. Medusa Tales (4 August 2022).
The People of the Sea. Headland (3 December 2023)
Our Foul Ancestors Third Flatiron (forthcoming)