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New stories

Terra Two: An Ark for Off-World Survival has published my story “The Airs of Mars”:

“This is a small colony. We occupy a limited space, come into contact with each other every day. An outbreak of a belief such as yours could be deadlier than smallpox.”

“What you call my belief, Doctor, is an observable fact. Mars has a breathable atmosphere. And I think you know it.”

Colp have published “Conrad’s Heartbeat” in their “A Little Bit of Nonsense” issue:

“It’s wrong to think of them as workers,” said Dr Peterson unexpectedly. “As if they’re the feet that drive the treadmill to keep us going. We are not so important.” He slowly sat himself in a leather chair next to Conrad’s couch. “Rather, we are their carriers. They course through our veins, majestic and powerful; we are merely their hosts. They need us, yes, but do not make the mistake of believing that we are superior.”


Blood Bound Books will be including my story “One Survivor” in their Crash Code anthology:

If a ghoulbot lands on you, it thinks you are about to die. One landed on me.

And Mad Scientist Journal have bought “Touch the Earth” for their anthology “I Didn’t Break The Lamp: Historical Accounts of Imaginary Acquaintances”:

The city is real for me. It takes me no effort at all to hold it in my mind, to view the officially sanctioned template instead of the drab expanse of tents, posts and markings. Our ancestors knew that a city of the imagination would always be more majestic, more imposing and more beautiful than one made of stone and brick; and so we imagined it still, superimposing the view from our mind’s eye over that of the drabness of the real world.

Recent publications

“I Could Not Sleep for Thinking of the Sky” was published in Colp’s anthology “Sky’s the Limit”:

I looked up. It was nearly midday, and it was hot and bright, but there was no obvious light source. All I saw above me was Oberheim, surrounding our own world. To us it was upside-down, but to its inhabitants, we were the ones with our feet above our heads. I felt suddenly vulnerable, as if there were not enough to stick me to the ground, and I might follow Aramaia in tumbling towards the ground on the other side of the sun.

Recent reviews

There have also been some recent reviews of my work – BCN is positive about On Wings of Pity, and you might be interested to read Des Lewis’s review of my story collection The End of the World: A User’s Guide.  Des was publisher of Nemonymous, and was responsible for the first publication of my story “The Point of Oswald Masters”.

And don’t forget that you can buy my novel On Wings of Pity from Amazon, and my collection The End of the World: A User’s Guide for only £7.99.

[Last update 13 September 2018]