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“The Losers’ Crusade” will be my fifth story for Third Flatiron, in their “Cat’s Breakfast” anthology – a tribute to Kurt Vonnegut Jr. We were asked to write a story that seemed to sum up Vonnegut’s vision without reusing any of his characters or scenarios, which I found a particularly difficult brief, but I seem to have come through. I’ll also be in two forthcoming Circlet Press anthologies; “How I Won the Lottery” will be appearing in “Playing Dirty”, and “The Day the Mirror Told the Truth” is set for their Beauty and the Beast anthology, “A Beastly Affair”.

You Are Here: Tales of Cartographic Wonders, edited by N E White, is now available, including my story “Literary Walks: The Cartographer by Martin Croft”, a meander through various locations in York, or more accurately Yorks.

There have also been some recent reviews of my work – BCN is positive about On Wings of Pity, and you might be interested to read Des Lewis’s review of my story collection The End of the World: A User’s Guide.  Des was publisher of Nemonymous, and was responsible for the first publication of my story “The Point of Oswald Masters”.

And don’t forget that you can buy The End of the World: A User’s Guide for only £7.99.

[Last update 28 April 2017]